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Blackwater Heston – now sold to The Gleniffer in Scotland

Blackwater Jenique, Hestons 1st heifer, sold to the Penwen herd in South Wales

We are fully accredited by both the ‘Hi Health Herdcare‘ and ‘CHeCS‘ which is the self-regulatory body for cattle health schemes in the UK and Ireland.

“Winner of the National Herd Competition 2008″ – runners up in 2004

Established in 1981 and run by Ian & Chris Calderbank of Blackwater Farm, New Hall Lane, Mundon, near Maldon, Essex CM9 6PJ – Telephone 01621 742645

Blackwater Heston – born 06 03 2012
Heston has shown a lot of promise from day one, he’s growth fleshing and width at five months made him special, he has always had good temperament. His growth length and fleshing continued with good locomotion. We waited for his first calves to be born which were medium size, strong, active and born without assistance and little below average Gestation length. This gave us confidence to take semen, he has to match Jockey and Ainsley for easy calving. *** Semen now available worldwide ***
Blackwater Heston - 18 months Blackwater Heston - 2 years old

Cyrano – Heston’s sire
He was three year’s old when we visited the Freefield herd in Scotland, we were very impressed with the consistency of him and his calves. I understand he was imported as a weaned calf from France and was also an embryo, he was judged best stock bull in 2010 National herd competition when it was decided to take semen from him, we eagerly put an order in, we used one of the first straws on a heifer called Etilly as she was home bred from way back, we new she had a lot to offer.
Sire Cyrano

Blackwater Etilly Dam
She held to her first AI (as she has on her four pregnancies to date), Heston was born on 06 03 2012, admittedly she had the spring grass but she milked exceptionally well and has now proven a big plus for milk and temperament. Etilly is a combination of the very best consistent blood lines in the Blackwater herd. Heston has the same depth and consistency of his dam, and on par with Jockey and Ainsley on all traits plus the added ability of Cyrano’s genetics.
Blackwater Etilly - June 2014

Blackwater Jockey
Jockey has consistently passed on his ability for easy calving, good conformation, fleshing, temperament, milk, and daughters with good pelvic capacity. Jockey’ had embryos exported to Australia in 2013 *** Semen available UK and Europe ***
Blackwater Jockey

Blackwater Ainsley
Ainsley has proven his excellent consistent genetics’ and has the ability to pass it on to his progeny, he has two sons standing at AI stations and several sons doing a great job for their respective herds as well as semen exported world wide. Ainsley was judged best stock bull in the UK 2014 National herd competition.
*** Semen available world wide through Hallfield Blondes ***
Blackwater Ainsley